Thursday, September 30, 2010

Selecting Specific Colors for Specific Domestic Rooms

Each of us has a favorite color, one that represents our personality. Observing my own children, each of them navigate their lives through their favorite colors. One loves red so he has red comforters, red shoes, red binders, red sweatshirts, red skis, red toothbrushes, etc....another favors pink and nearly every facet of her existence is saturated in hues of pink.

If you have been following any of my topics for discussion, you will note color to have a tremendous impact on our moods and psyche. But despite wearing a flash of happiness to uplift your day, we need to focus on painting environments with color that will last for multiple months and possible years. The color selection is extremely important. So, I thought I could assist with some proven research and concepts in painting your home and specific rooms in specific colors.

How Color Impacts our Lives

Knowing that white is a color associated with purity, we utilize white in domestic environments for sterility; bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Often times, white is utilized to merge two colorful rooms together since it is considered a neutral color.

Black is associated with power. Using black as accents or for a dominant piece of furniture brings a significant sense of drama and power to your room. Bachelors love using black in bathrooms, living rooms, bed rooms and offices. Too much black will offer emotions of depression and fatigue.

Blue is a calming color and a color associated with trust and honesty. This color is commonly used in spas, bathrooms, offices, bedrooms, and parlors. Complimented with contrasting colors, blue can be in every room of your home. It has been researched people working and studying in blue rooms are more productive than rooms of another color.

Orange and Yellow are bright and cheerful colors. To stimulate your appetite, it suggested to utilize hues of orange or yellow; i.e. melon colors in a dining room or kitchen.

Gray is a neutral color and offers itself as a great catalyst for any color. Utilize gray for large pieces of furniture enabling the room to change dramatically with colorful accent pillows or other accessories. Gray oftentimes depicts sadness or time for reflection. Like a rainy day, gray can offer intense productivity. Use gray in offices, perhaps in a black and white abstract painting showing movement. This will stimulate productivity and not depression.

Green is today's most hip color. Green is associated with natural and organic elements of life. It has been proven that green is an energy color and oftentimes associated with intelligence. Be careful, green can also cast an ill reflection while regarding your visage if painted in a bathroom. I suggest, if utilizing green, sage green in spas or rooms for relaxation. Kelly or grass green for rooms to invigorate. An entire room painted in green is a bit overwhelming. Utilize green in a faux finish where it is mottled or utilize green as an accent.

Red is the notorious color of passion, power, and Chinese Good Luck! When I think of my son being attracted to red, I believe he must have descended from an Asian background since he doesn't seem to encompass the traits of power and extreme passion. Red has been a very popular color over the many past years. We became bold and began painting red in our offices, dining rooms, and even boudoirs. Today, red is a fantastic accent wall in an area where you would like to have power. I suggest utilizing red in a home office.

Brown is a fantastic color for domestic environments. It is a color of grounding and humbleness. Brown has been associated with humanity since the beginning of time since it is a color of the earth/soil. I suggest brown glaze throughout the entire core of your home. Dressing rooms with hues of brown are terrific. For example, a dressing room with brown stained wood cabinets and shelves painted with a sand background offer a neutral background for selecting your daily attire.

Now, hire a contractor or do it yourself, but paint your world beautiful!

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