Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mural Pricing

Murals, as we have mentioned, are fantastic forms of reflection and expression. Murals bring art into the public on such a tremendous scale. Utilizing obscure walls or ceilings to compliment an environment or standing main stage as a room's focal point or to accent a theme. Murals benefiting the artist(s) and critic(s) add life to any place by making a political stand, defining a current era, reflecting an individual personality or a group's collective thoughts, etc.

Murals are typically very detailed works of art painted on a large scale. Due to the skill level involved to paint a mural, these works of art are generally paid for by sponsorship or grants.

Typical mural pricing goes along a Tier Guideline. Usually, muralists offer 3 Tiers to define pricing and complexity of detail per square footage. This pricing is NOT inclusive of per diems, scaffolding, furniture removal, and wall preparation.

Each project always has a minimum charge regardless of size and detail, in this case, the minimum charge vacillates between artists.

Generally speaking, a basic mural of which one would select for a small child's room is considered a Tier 1 project. The complexity of detail is basic and somewhat rudimentary.

Tier 2 murals are the most popular in selection. These murals have more detail rendering recognizable characters. Tier 2 murals are more three dimensional with multi-toned shading. These murals are executed in children's rooms, dining rooms, formal foyers and parlors, and many commercial environments.

Tier3 is the top of the line mural. These murals encompass exquisite detail, precision perspective, multi-toned shading, and complex subject matter.

Tier 1 begins at a minimum charge plus $25.00/sqft
Tier 2 begins at a minimum charge plus $20.00/sqft
Tier 3 is a more intricate and formal bidding process usually involving multiple renderings and price options.

These are just basic parameters. Each artist owns differing talents than the other. As a guideline, this pricing may perform as a base when soliciting bids from muralists or as an artist's reference point when bidding their own work.

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